Actual Acting Stuff.

During the filming of Justice For Natalee Holloway, pilot season was beginning to ramp up in LA. I recall this being moderately stressful because the schedule on JFNH was incredibly demanding and playing joranvandersloot gave me the same shameful feeling closeted conservative leaders get when they beg off sex with their wives. Additionally, there wasn’t anybody to read the audition scenes with me. (Ad)additionally, the idea of submitting a sub-standard tape was not appealing. Why do that? And… if I devoted a great deal of energy to an audition at the expense of my job, I’d be peeing on a group of people who were compensating me (nicely) to pretend I was a reviled criminal. In short, it was a quagmire. My peoples back in California were informed (with varying degrees of success) that I would only do a tape if it absolutely, positively could not wait.

A particular pilot needed material immediately. A quick (bland) plot recap: Zombies have revealed themselves to humans in the same manner Vampires did in True Blood. Zombies – in this instance – appear human, but can also “zombie out.” The audition scene was set in a large field with my character (the name escapes me) described as a “wild-eyed cult leader,” or something to that effect. (Brief aside: Unless the character I’m reading for is based on a real person, I pay almost no attention to the description. Same goes for stage direction in the audition pages. Rarely are either of these anything other than a detriment.) There was an opportunity to reconfigure the audition scene into a monologue and treat it like a confessional video. So I propped my iPhone on something and sat infront of the vanity mirror in my trailer during lunch. This audition got me a meeting with the creative team back in LA. Ultimately, I wasn’t a physical match for the character. On an entirely unrelated note, the pilot did not get picked up. Too bad… it was a good script. And this is one my favorite auditions.

Finally, it’s nice to write about acting, on a blog about acting.

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  1. Deborah says:

    Holy God that is a incredible monologue – as an actor in Vancouver that has so MUCH more learning and growing to do – your piece wowed me – it is now my ‘go to’ for inspiration before auditions.

    BTW – thank your folks for your great dentist……:)

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