33 more.

I had a lovely day on set. I have one more day…  then it’s onto the next one.

I have to work 33 more days in order to reach my goal of 100. For clarities sake, 67 days is – by far and away – my busiest year. Secondarily, “amount of days worked” is a relatively arbitrary way of measuring success. If you eliminated every other job I’ve done in 2011 and just kept Hung, this would be the greatest professional year of my life by approximately 130%.

And yet… It’s 100 or bust, right? (ya, it is)

Tired & Happy... On we go...

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One Response to 33 more.

  1. megs says:

    are you sitting on a toilet in this picture? it really looks like you are… and i dont think its cgi…

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