Every time I finish a job, there’s a moment of introspection / reflection / satisfaction. Said moment took place yesterday afternoon, on my couch, while I sipped a bottle of and sauntered (metaphorically) towards a heroic late afternoon nap.

What’s been the thing┬áthat triggered consistent work, I thought… Persistence, etc.? Sure, but that’s too easy. Facial hair? I’d like to think so, but no. ? Perhaps. I kept circling back to being comfortable. When I auditioned for Hung I had to simulate sex (with a woman) on a conference table in front of 4 people I’d never met (tough) and 2 people I’d met several times (brutal). When I auditioned for my latest job, I didn’t have the correct interpretation for the first scene… and I could tell by the directors reaction, she was left wanting. So I asked questions and tried it again. Didn’t quite get there. Asked again and made a specific choice that didn’t necessarily fit into the rhythm of the scene; nonetheless, it proved I could get where she wanted me to go.

Simulated sex on a conference table and in-audition adjustments are possible when you’re relaxed enough that it doesn’t feel like your heart is beating through the soles of your feet. Acting is such a heightened experience… and I think it’s the ability slow everything down in between takes that is serving me best.

I mean… it’s not brain surgery, right?

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3 Responses to Slow…

  1. says:

    So…you’re not a brain surgeon but you could play one on TV?

  2. says:

    Damn, at least with brain surgery there is a definite right and wrong answer though.. right?! Acting sounds so open ended.

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