Chitter Chatter…

I like September. Lots of fun stuff happening.

Hung premieres in one month and one day. Would you like a sampling of it? Okay! Here’s the trailer where we do . Here’s the (slightly) abbreviated trailer that’s set to the song I thoroughly enjoy. Here’s the … and here’s some behind-the-scenes info: It doesn’t get any sexier than Rebecca Creskoff (with apologies to all other women everywhere).

My new is moving along swimmingly. Look… I’m sorry that I had to delete my @stephenamell account. The parts of me influenced by vanity didn’t like punting 4500 followers. At all. That being said, I had owned that handle for a very long time and I’m sure there were tweets (buried somewhere deep in the cache) I wouldn’t have been pleased with. Long story (semi) short: There’s a difference between semi-offensive tweets about the Blue Jays bullpen sent from a bar in 2009 and tweets sent when you’re representing a company as a public figure. I’m not famous, but I’m not anonymous and I want control over the information I share and do not share. Seems logical to me. Speaking of sharing…

I’m slowly building a (with some help from Erin) and it’s going to be a fun place to interact beyond 140 characters. Put up my first video this morning. Go check it out. And if you’d like to endear yourself to me, feel free to comment on the breadth and character of my facial hair.

Until next time…

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4 Responses to Chitter Chatter…

  1. zamir says:

    i like your reasoning for making a new twitter (:
    it’s like the reason i delete tweets, even though you once tweeted you didn’t like people deleting tweets, lol, but it happens.
    sometimes i tweet things that make sense at the time and then i think back, okay, what if my mom googled me and saw what i said, or someone else, that idk, just might get the wrong impression. they should make their decision about me based on my personality in real life ha (:

  2. Vindex says:

    Yes, September always seemed more like the beginning of a new year to me than January did. Football season, school year for the kids back in the day (but they all start in August now), new TV series, the switchover from summer blockbuster attempts in the movie theatres to somewhat more serious stuff, plus all the high-culture bizness here in the SF Bay Area (opera, symphony etc). Lots of fun stuff indeed.

    “In the Hall of the Mountain King” from Grieg’s Peer Gynt has a long pedigree in movies and TV, back to the early German thriller M (with Peter Lorre) up through last fall The Social Network when it was the backdrop for the Winkelvoss twins in the Henley regatta. It now lends itself very well to tongue-in-cheek dramedy situations, including of course the trailer for Hung.

    I wonder if you could answer a question now that you’ve worked on an HBO series – any idea why they have become so slow on dvd releases for their series? Hung season 2 is only being released a week before season 3 airs; and although Boardwalk Empire starts their season 2 in about three weeks, there is still no release date for their season 1 even announced. If I’ve watched a series, I like to have it on dvd for occasional reruns, and not all of us watch TV on iPhones or even online. Any light you might be able to shed would be greatly appreciated.

    • Stephen Amell says:

      The short answer to your (beautifully worded) question is, I have absolutely no idea.

      HBO doesn’t seem to conform around any type of schedule. But I do agree that a DVD release prior to the new season of a show would make much more sense.

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