Chatty Kathy…

Slight backstory. I had just met Adrian Grenier, who was wearing converse sneakers; and I knew the person interviewing me. Her name is Lindsay and spotting her on a red carpet always makes me happy. We’re not quite at a Johnny Carson / Don Rickles level of comfort, but we’re getting there. (I don’t care if nobody gets that reference.)


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2 Responses to Chatty Kathy…

  1. juz says:

    Great interview! You seem really really nice here!
    Oh, btw, I stumbled upon your blog last year a few months before you appeared in the Vampire Diaries when I was looking for some information about movie productions. I really liked it. Then I got back later and the blog was closed (invitations only or smth.). And 10 min ago I saw your picture on HBO twitter and I was like “Is it the same guy from Toronto whose blog I read a while ago?..” Turns out you are:) Wow. Congratulations with Hung (though I didn’t watch the show, apparently it’s huge!) I wish you all the best with your career!
    I think it’s great what you’re doing here and very happy the blog is open again!
    Sorry, if the comment is too long and full of mistakes, I’m not from the USA.

  2. says:

    Someone out here got the Rickles/Carson analogy. Hilarious! Congratulations on Hung. Hope good things keep happening for you. -Mel

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