Hung: The Home Viewing Party.

For a day that I’ll (probably) never forget, there are very few specifics from Sunday that I actually remember. At 9:30 in the morning there were 6 people in my apartment. By 1:00 pm that number doubled. At 6:30 there were upwards of 20 people, huddled around my television. It looked exactly like the living room of an NBA player right before they’re about to get drafted. Sadly, it was all friends. I would have liked for my Mom to be there with a bedazzled Hung t-shirt on and a huge sign that read, “My Boy’s About To Get NEKKID on TV!!!”, maybe next year. It sounded like an arena when my name played in the opening credits. Then we sat there for 20 minutes. Everyone enjoyed the episode… I enjoyed the episode later that night and the next day. Through my first viewing – and really, there should have been a camera on me – I looked like a guy whose buddy was making him watch his wife’s birth video. (Rigid expression / very little blinking / hand over mouth.) And… it was over. But not before a phenomenal song – a phenomenal song - to close the show. The whole theme of 2011 for me has been work. I exchanged high fives and hugs and kisses with 20-ish people while a song called Work ricocheted around my apartment. Fantastic. Thanks to my friends, thanks to and thanks to everyone who watched. Things are just beginning. (Literally.)

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4 Responses to Hung: The Home Viewing Party.

  1. Dawn says:

    Awesome! What a fun time. Hope there were pictures taken we’ll see on facebook maybe…

  2. Jody says:


  3. says:

    You’re the bestest. Wuv you! Can you really read this? I wonder? I really do love your work on Hung. Youre making could have been a carbon copy character, a very intriguing and captivating person to watch. Thank you. Can’t wait to see your career flourish. Well deserved. Rare combo ofvouter beauty, intellect, wit, and inner beauty.

  4. Taylor Parker says:

    Woo-hoo! It was fantastic, Steve. And so well deserved, you hard-worker, you! Congrats!

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