Sex scenes.

Note: This was originally published on August 2nd of this year. 3 months later, it seems like I should repost because it’s a question I’m getting all the time: “Do you enjoy sex scenes?” I certainly do. 

Quick addendum: Sex scenes do not materialize out of nowhere. On a professional television show you sign a separate waiver before any nudity. The set is “closed” which still leaves 5 – 15 people, but whatever. The idea that actors are bullied into these scenes is preposterous.

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When actors are asked whether or not they like sex scenes, the prevailing answer seems to fall somewhere between “no” and “they’re just sorta awkward”.


Here’s the how the answer should go: Sex scenes are tremendous. Exceptional even. For starters, people are in various states of undress. That’s neat. Second, you get to smooch another person and then simulate intercourse. For guys, like myself, you get to wear a “cock-sock”, which wallops you right upside the head with a heavy dose of humility. Why? Because it might be the most ridiculous, embarrassing apparatus a human being has ever worn. It’s like the putrid sweater your grandmother insisted you wear for a family holiday, only many thousand times worse. In short (no pun intended), you can’t help but laugh at yourself. (Always important.) Then there’s the broader element of being paid to pretend you’re fornicating. Do you think the gentleman laying fresh pavement in the middle of the summer wants to hear about you fretting over the guy operating the boom mic catching a glimpse of your scrotum? Me thinks not. There may be specific instances where the actor doesn’t totally mesh with their scene partner, but that’s sort of like complaining about the side dish accompanying your 14 ounce Kobe steak. When Hung premieres this fall, people will ask me about sex scenes; I will tell them, what I’m telling you: They couldn’t possibly be more enjoyable.

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