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Sex scenes.

Note: This was originally published on August 2nd of this year. 3 months later, it seems like I should repost because it’s a question I’m getting all the time: “Do you enjoy sex scenes?” I certainly do.  Quick addendum: Sex scenes … Continue reading

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Heading east tomorrow morning for the 8th Annual ‘Cuse Road Trip. A road trip to Syracuse sounds peculiar, right? Not so. Road trips – any trips, really – are what you make of them. If you head to Augusta for The …

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Hello. This post was originally published on October 12, 2010. All the things I wrote remain true. Originally, I was going to write a new post about the feelings of familiarity I’ve had for the past several weeks. It’s coming. …

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Hung: The Home Viewing Party.

For a day that I’ll (probably) never forget, there are very few specifics from Sunday that I actually remember. At 9:30 in the morning there were 6 people in my apartment. By 1:00 pm that number doubled. At 6:30 there … Continue reading

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Wrestlemania VI Redux.

In 1990, the WWF was the biggest thing in my life that I wasn’t related to. This culminated with Wrestlemania VI, when my hero (seriously) Hulk Hogan went up against The Ultimate Warrior. It was at the Skydome. In the … Continue reading

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This Sunday.

Hung airs this Sunday on HBO (and-HBO-Canada-thank-god). I’ve muddled around with the title of this space over the past few months. It’s been Amellywood, I don’t know what to call my blog and probably something else at 3 am for … Continue reading

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Chatty Kathy…

Slight backstory. I had just met Adrian Grenier, who was wearing converse sneakers; and I knew the person interviewing me. Her name is Lindsay and spotting her on a red carpet always makes me happy. We’re not quite at a … Continue reading

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Just awesome…

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There is no way to replicate the feeling you get in an audition room when things are humming along. In the best rooms you get a sense the creative team is watching their vision – singular or shared – come … Continue reading

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Late night letters.

12:38 am: A couple weeks ago (maybe) I wrote a post called “angryblog” in which I railed (whined? whimpered?) over the outcome of two separate auditions. Lo and behold, one of these opportunities refuses to die. It won’t go away. It … Continue reading

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