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11 Days!

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Hello friends. Late last night I had an email exchange with my friend Christian. (That’s Christian, for short, and Christian Lander: Author of , and , for long. Did you enjoy that name drop as much as me? I’m considering perusing his Wikipedia page for more tidbits.) Christian told me that he’s been keeping track of my blog, but protested over the amount of “vaguery.” (Great word.) To this I say: Sorry. I can’t share as much as I’d like for fear that I’d jeopardize my standing with this project. So, to disspel some of the vaguery…

I auditioned for a show as part of a worldwide search. These searches are something that I participated in often while I was in Toronto; always seemed like a far-fetched idea that wouldn’t lead anywhere meaningful. My perspective has now shifted. The first audition was October 7th. I did my homework… and THEN SOME. Great audition. My manager gave me notice later that day they liked me. Six days later my agent called me with news that I was a “serious contender.” In the beginning, this was my goal. I even wrote as much. (The 5th thing, in “5 Things.”) Seven days ago my agent & manager delivered the news that I would be screen testing for this show on another continent. The screen test was contingent on a “work-session” with the shows creator. That work-session was this morning. Man! Did it ever feel f*cking great! Now we wait for more news.

This is multi-purpose platform I’ve got here. Part cathartic, part ego, part exhibition, part practice… It’s original inception was to give aspiring actors a window into the industry from somebody with a modicum of success. In that spirit, I’ll share a story from the work-session today: Auditioning for someone who created the material you’re reciting is a special, special treat. You don’t need to speculate as to what a certain line means, you can just ask them. They know. For our session this morning there were 3 scenes. After my initial reading, he had notes. So I grabbed my audition sides and wrote each of them down as he dictated. I studied them. I asked follow-up questions. When what he meant was perfectly clear to me, then, and only then, did I proceed. On the surface this seems logical, so lets dig deeper. Casting directors, directors, producers and creators want you to be successful. If you’re what they’re looking for, they don’t need to look any further. This seems logical too. Lets dig deeper. You have to know (can’t believe I’m saying this…) in your heart that people genuinely want to help you succeed. So before you worry about memorizing the lines or how you’re going to stand, there must be a moment of emotional commitment. I will put my best foot forward, this effort will be recognized and coached towards its zenith. This commitment is paramount because failing is so goddamn easy. All that failure needs is a person frightened of realizing their potential. Trying takes guts. So let other people help you. And when they do… listen to them. Don’t rush. Don’t nervously mutter “yeah” after everything they say. Listen. Take your time. Leave the room without any regrets.

Today was the most nerve-wracking, pressure-packed audition of my life. It was also my best.

Written by Stephen Amell

October 26, 2010 at 2:06 pm

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