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Merry Christmas!

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I’ll tell ya: Last night felt good. There was a Kings game (they’ve got the best record in the league and are a perfect 6-0 at home). I drank a little rum at the game and started between 4 and 620 sentences with the phrase: “If I book it…” I can talk like that with my brother Robbie. He gets it. And he knows that I’d entertain his semi-delirious ramblings for 4+ hours in a nanosecond. Later, it was onto a dive bar. We played beer pong and I hugged a lot of people. I’ve got three photos on my iPhone from the screen test… showing them to people is dreamy. In a week with two Friday’s, no Tuesday, 1,400 crunches, 120 handstand pushups, 17,000 air miles, the biggest day of my professional life, a Kings game, six straight victories at the beer pong table and a whiff of Christmas (!!!) in the air… My favorite moment was watching these two for three periods. That’s just how I roll.

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November 7, 2010 at 9:31 am

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17 Days!

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Hello friends. I’m very excited. At the end of yesterdays post I alluded to a job that felt “close”. I will be screen testing for this job in 17 days. Let’s plan together!

Yesterday: My agent and manager tag-team-called me at 3:30. After the call I wandered around my apartment like a drunkard trying to spot his keys in a hay field. Called my Mom. Emailed me buddy. Dabbled on Google Earth. Wandered around a little more. Chatted with Lou. Then my friend arrived and we went to Bikram Yoga. Full disclaimer: I hate Bikram Yoga. It’s a gimmick; no different from the Atkins diet or Vegans. Believe it or not, I was cautiously expecting something to happen on this project. Did I know that it would jump directly to a screen test? No. But I did know that I will have to be in the very best shape of my entire life. So… I’m doing stupid Bikram yoga even though it makes my soul feel like your foot does when there’s a sharp object in your shoe. I’ve got 17 days. I will break myself down before I build myself up. And if I have to stand next to an Asian lady unabashedly showcasing her illustrious armpit hair, so be it. After the class I started into a healthy diet. Drank coconut water (Jesus…) and passed up Trader Joe’s fine selection of $4 wine (punch me in the groin region). It was time to do something for me. So I bought a record player and four LP’s for $1.99 each. Made me so happy. (There’s a photo attached to the bottom of the post.)

Today: I’ve got an audition this afternoon that I’m going to try and convert into a job. Then I’m going to exercise and probably eat a little frozen yogurt. Kings game. Baseball game. College Football game.

Going forward: If I break this 17-day-stretch down, it’ll look like so: First 5 days: Steady conversion to an exceptionally healthy lifestyle / Second 5 days: Aggressive exercise and a diet normally reserved for people that I think are assholes / Third 5 days: The 120 hours where I wander around Hollywood through all the Halloween parties sipping Club Soda and trying to start fights / Last 2 days: Travel & Test.

This is so freaking exciting!!! November 6th. A day before my Network Television debut.

(That’s me, Kenny Loggins and Kenny Loggins hair.)

Written by Stephen Amell

October 20, 2010 at 11:19 am

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