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Merry Christmas!

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Happy Halloween Internet Folk! If you read regularly or peruse my then you’re familiar with this guys propensity to analogize (almost) everything with sports. You could even argue that if I didn’t feel the need to incessantly produce sporty-tweets that require the reader to be watching the game and thinking the exact same thing as me, I wouldn’t be lagging behind * by (approximately) 10,900 followers. (It could also be because he’s famous.) Anyways… I can view anything through the prism of athletics. If you didn’t know, now you know.

Before football games in High School everyone has their own behaviour pattern. Some guys walked around and joked (this irritated me), others threw up (good on them) and some dudes sat quietly at their locker staring straight ahead like they might turn into at any moment. Me? I yawned and fought off the urge to fall asleep. This has always been my natural reaction to big moments; I just become incredibly sleepy. Mixed in with this (admittedly curious) state is a “body evacuation” of sorts that crescendo’s as we get closer to the event and seems to defy all logic. (Draw your own conclusions. Or just realize that I’m talking about pooping.) The former part of this equation has gripped me. I’m tired. Last night I went to a Halloween party as an elephant with a giant, phallic trunk sticking out of my forehead. The costume was a huge hit. You’d think this would be invigorating. Nope, I was just tired. At midnight Ele-Steve vanished like only a giant land mammal with retro Nike sneakers on can. So long, party.

7 Days is misleading. The test is probably Thursday (5 Days) and I lose a day flying to Auckland (4 Days). The test deal is done. I can do 10 hand-stand pushups. I am utterly ready. And now, through the fog of my adrenaline induced slumber I need to wrap my head around a life-altering moment.

* – Everyone in Hollywood assumes that Robbie and I are brothers. This week we decided to just go with it. Both of us were half-joking, which means we were also half-not-joking. (Family!)

Written by Stephen Amell

October 30, 2010 at 8:09 am

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