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This afternoon I got a comment from a casting associate in LA for a show I did recently. She had seen my name on a report earlier this week and – like a LOT of you – stumbled onto my blog. (Long aside: This brief / thin brush of, umm, fame… I suppose… scared the living shit out of me for about 30 – 35 minutes. I immediately considered the amount of time I spend walking around my (heavily windowed) apartment in the nude; then I instinctively deleted the entire cache and browsing history on my laptop. If I ever spend a significant amount of time with any tangible amount of celebrity just know that I will make a horrible, glorious, loveable misstep. This hypothetical incident will be bred of enthusiasm. In the aftermath, I will be strikingly honest. This will be refreshing and inviting to the general public. Subsequently, people will gesticulate that I planned this entire (again… hypothetical) incident. Such ruminations will give me great pleasure. That brief window after Deadline broke the story was the only time that I read the comments (from websites other than this one…); somebody actually thought my team planted the story and then filled the comment board with positive reviews of my person. They proceeded to call my blog a series of insane ramblings. I can’t begin to tell you how happy this made me. OF COURSE THEY’RE INSANE! I decided to be an actor for a living… Thank you (and I mean that sincerely) for reading. Your boner for conspiracy theories really made me feel like I’d made it. End Long aside.) Her comment cemented an ideal that’s been slowly forming in my head over the past 10 months: You can’t just count the jobs you get as victories, because they aren’t really victories at all. They’re landmarks. They’re opportunities to learn something new. The real victories come in the quiet (usually) unpublished moments between jobs when you’re faced with a new, grander scenario and you acquit yourself in a way that leaves a peaceful, accomplished feeling. She told me that I nailed the audition. . Up until , it was the best audition I’ve ever put forward. Why? Because three days prior to walking into that room I had to drive the button scene on a primetime show. Two months prior to that day I got to screen test for the executive producer of the most successful television franchise in history. Four months prior to that I screen tested on the Warner Brothers lot without anyone seeing the pee on my pants. Six weeks before that moment I punted all the shit I didn’t need and moved to Hollywood. If you’ve chosen a career in the arts the first step is eliminating the black/white, win/lose, success/failure prism from your spectrum of vision. Everything (everything) is a step forward. Some bigger than others, some more notorious than others… But if you can’t¬†extrapolate¬†the positive, you’re going to fail. More importantly, if you can’t find the good while being mindful of realism and the lessons you need to take away, you kinda suck as a human being. A lot of people have told me to “keep my head up”. Of course… thank you. Support is support and I appreciate it; but understand this: I don’t put my head down. Ever.

And one day, I’ll talk (non-cryptically) about Spartacus: Blood & Sand. The only part about that adventure which makes me sad is that it had to happen in the first place. Get better Andy!

Have a good weekend everybody. It’s cool that you read. SA

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November 12, 2010 at 4:44 pm

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